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Professional painting is a science-soaked art. The rich palette of products we work with has selected natural ingredients and natural oils that smooth the hair and make it shiny and nourished.


Brands & Products


Kydra by Phyto

The modern way to dye hair


Professional hair dye products Kydra by Phyto are unique because they embody extensive knowledge and long experience in the development of natural hair cosmetics. Kydra's products have been developed in the laboratories of Crème de la Mer and La Prairie. For over 30 years, researchers from Phytosolba laboratories have studied and harvested plants containing the most active healing properties for hair beauty and health.

This is the first hair dye in Bulgaria that does not contain any mineral oils but only natural vegetable oils. The Secret Kydra ampoule contains a secret complex of natural products that smooth the hair, make the hair nourished and shiny and keep the color longer in time.





Symbol of the highest quality


Born by the same philosophy as skin care, Kevin.Murphy's products are designed to deliver excellent performance, strength and long life of hair in formulas that do not aggravate.

Vitamins and amino acids "repair" the outer surface of the hair, thicken the hair and reduce the formation of splitting edges. Moisturizers of mango oil and mumarum oil in Kevin.Murphy's products smooth the cuticles and soften hair. Peruvian bark, baobab, bamboo and orange color extracts help hydration. The antioxidants of cocoon plum, orchid, lotus flower and desert lime reduce fracture and repair chemical damage.

All Kevin.Murphy hair products are sulfate-free, free of parabens and have not been tested on animals.



Morgan's Pomade

Traditions and values perfectly balanced with innovation and technology


Morgan's is the leader of the British market in the manufacture of professional men's cosmetics. Provides a full range of products for classic style and flawless looks.


The active ingredients are naturally associated with the hair and gradually darken it, eliminating the gray shades. Unlike traditional dyes, Morgan's effect is achieved over time to avoid drastic and often aggressive hair color changes.

Approved and certified by European Union Cosmetics Directive 76/768 / EEC 2008).

Morgan’s Pomade - a darkening brilliantine

Morgan's most famous brilliant in the world. Classic solution for aged and gray hair, developed and verified in 1873. Gradually darkens gray hair on regular use and without the use of traditional paints.

Morgan’s Hair Darkening Cream - darkening cream

Gradually darkens gray hair without us having to use traditional paints. Excellent result achieved for a short period of time that can be maintained with less use of the product.

Morgan’s Liquid Restorer - a darkening spray

Gradually darkens gray hair on regular use without the need for traditional dyes. Exclusive formula containing pentanol that hydrates and nourishes hair while giving it a luster and vitality.

Morgan’s Hair Darkening Mousse - darkening mousse (foam)

Stylizes, fixes lightly and at the same time darkens gray hair. Gives brilliance and vitality to the hair. Eco-friendly foam without added aerosols.


Morgan’s Hair Cream - hair cream

Professional male care with light fixation suitable for any type of hair. Does not aggravate hair. Nurtures and stylizes. With Morgan's typical aroma of bergamot, jasmine, sandalwood and patchouli.

Morgan’s Gel Wax - gel wax

Long-lasting action with medium fixation for styling and shaping hairstyles or elements with "hard" effect and exceptional shine. Lightweight fat-free formula that allows easy combing and washing of hair. Contains silk protein for extra nutrition.

Morgan’s Rock-Hard Gel - water-based fixative gel

Gives Styling a monolith. It hardens the hair and has an exceptionally long-lasting effect.

Morgan’s Volume Spray - volume spray

Perfect solution for thinning hair. Creates natural density and volume. It nourishes the hair, thanks to the wheat protein formula. With Morgan's typical aroma of bergamot, jasmine, sandalwood and patchouli.

Morgan’s Grooming Spray - cosmetic spray

Spray with medium fixation for fine and thin hair. Lightweight, fat-free formula that allows easy combing and washing of hair. With Morgan's typical aroma of bergamot, jasmine, sandalwood and patchouli.

Luxury Hair Oil - luxury hair oil

It contains argan oil for exceptional shine. Revitalizes and hydrates dry hair by making it smoother and easier to stylize. It naturally controls humidity and protects the hair from adhering to dust and dirt. Light fat-free formula for perfect absorption. Rich in vitamin E for deep nourishing.