Face Rituals

Face Rituals

Respect for beauty.

We create sophisticated rituals revealing the full potential, youthfulness and purity of the skin, perfectly balanced by the natural power of nature and the latest innovations in biotechnology.

Brands & Products


La Prairie

The scientific signature of beauty without age


On its quest for everlasting beauty, La Prairie has created an exclusive cellular complex with biotechnological and plant-based ingredients that slow down aging. The cellular complex is the scientific signature of La Prairie, infusing life into the skin.

MG – the art of beauty is an exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the La Prairie therapies and products:
Revitalizing and perfecting radiance facial

La Prairie's gold standard, struggling with aging. The pure golden droplets from the La Prairie Gold Collection give an instant lifting, brighten and energize the skin. Thin warming and selected masks help penetrate the priceless serum with pure gold, making the skin smoother with natural shine and youthful vitality.

Caviar lift facial

The therapy provides an immediate firming result, suitable for all skin types. The procedure with valuable caviar tightens and tones the skin. It provides moisture, rich hydration and essential nutrients, leaving the skin tight, toned and silky soft.

Platinum rare facial

Complete therapy with infusion of pure platinum that restores balance and quality of skin. With the platinum collection of La Prairie, the skin is hydrated, tight, radiant and thoroughly rejuvenated.

Cellular swiss ice crystal facial

The procedures contain fine eye and face massages using pink quartz crystals, which contribute to complete relaxation and refreshment.

Swiss cellular anti-aging facial

Therapy actively slows down premature aging, re-textures and helps renew the skin's surface. Smooths fine lines and wrinkles and minimizes pores.

Ultimate cellular hydrating facial

This intense renewal therapy changes and rejuvenates the skin with the energizing products from La Prairie. Hydrates, smooths, regains luster and resumes restraint. As a result, the skin is younger, full of life energy.

White caviar brightening and firming facial

With its combination of elegance and incredible results, this procedure improves freshness, protects against irregular pigmentation and brightens the complexion. With added golden caviar extract and its proven properties, the skin is tight and much more hydrated.

La Prairie's story

The fairytale begins in Montreux, Switzerland, near the ancient shores of Lake Lehmann, under the majestic peaks of the Alps. There, in the La Prairie clinic, brilliant physician Paul Nihans is firmly convinced that science will one day unlock the secret of eternal youth.

After years of research, he finds a way to restore and extend the health and vitality of the skin. His ideas are unconventional, but so effective that they quickly become a secret, quietly whispering in the midst of noblemen, royal peoples, and celebrities. The La Prairie clinic becomes a sanctuary of rejuvenation, in a place where time seems to have stopped.

In the devotional pursuit of eternal beauty, La Prairie is inspired by the advanced methods of the clinic and creates its exclusive cellular complex with biotechnological and herbal ingredients that slow down aging. It delivers invaluable ingredients such as glycoproteins, ginseng root and horseradish extract to help revitalize, energize and deeply moisturize the skin. As the basis of almost every formula from the very beginning, the cellular complex is the scientific signature of La Prairie, which infuses life and counteracts aging.

From the debut of the first Cellular Eye Contour Cream in 1978, La Prairie creates magic, seasoned with precious ingredients: sea caviar for a legendary lifting; gold from the bowels of the earth for instantly improved appearance and perfection of the skin; platinum from a distant star for endless rejuvenation. These rare and useful elements are transformed into irresistible works with sensual textures and formulas that become the most desirable on earth.

The skin care from La Prairie counteracts aging from its very source. Each precious formula infuses rare and useful ingredients with the participation of the most modern Swiss biotechnology. La Prairie's overall skin care creates a luxurious experience and has remarkable results against aging.



Natura Bisse Barcelona

Exceed your expectations


The Cure - Skin care - 60 min

• Clean – Detox – Revitalize

Inspired by the discovery made by American scientists of eight enzymes called Sirtuin which delay and slow down the aging process of the cells comes Natura Bissé Barcelona with its Cure-Skin Care therapy to fight against aging skin. The secret is based on the detoxification enzyme system. The enzymatic agents warm, open and soften the pores while also renewing, refreshing, cleaning and closing them. The nano active mask with an oxygenating drink with its effervescent effect cleans, soothes and stimulates microcirculation, acts against free radicals, increases penetration of active agents, refreshes and hydrates.


The Skin Comfort - Care for Sensitive skin - 60 min.

• Hydrate – Restore – Calm

Gift yourself а fast-recovery therapy with hypoallergenic products with no parabens. The Natura Bissé Barcelona Collection offers products for all levels of sensitivity.  The peptide-based formula prevents aging and stimulates the natural skin protective mechanism. The therapy contains massive formulas which quiet and revitalize instantly. Dryness and discomfort are prevented and your skin gains vitality.


Citrus Essence - Tight citrus therapy - 60 min.

• Revitalize – Stimulate – Tighten

The citrus peeling charges your skin with natural vitamins and nutrients. It contains an extract of bitter orange making it rich in antioxidants which noticeably improve the skin's appearance giving. The Citrus Essence has extraordinary rejuvenating power – it’s a vitamin cocktail in the form of serum and contains pure encapsulated Vitamin C. The therapy ends with an aromatic tight mask.


The O2 Relax - Oxygen awakening - 60 min.

• Clean - Balance - Illuminate

Pouring in every cell pure oxygen and increasing the vitality of the skin. Our lightweight formula penetrates the skin and releases pure oxygen molecules loading the cells and eliminating the toxins. The deep oxygen penetration and detox massage improve the shine of your skin and restores the balance. The perfect therapy for people from big cities, those who fly often, as well as smokers.




The skin feels reborn

The rejuvenating ritual Intraceuticals has a soothing and relaxing effect and is suitable for any type of skin. The results are obvious after just one procedure - the skin becomes fresh, deeply hydrated and shiny.

Therapy acts as a powerful antioxidant. It is an intradermal intrusion with an oxygen jet under pressure and hydrated with 95% pure hyaluronic acid and a multivitamin complex. The technology is completely new and allows treatment on the lower and upper eyelids and tightly around the eye contour. The advantage of Mesotherapy The Intraceuticals is the non-invasive nature of the procedure accompanied by maximum effect. The therapy quickly captures Hollywood’s attention and becomes a daily procedure for the faces of many stars such as Madonna, Victoria Beckham and Naomi Campbell.

The procedure is done in three stages:

1. With the help of low-pressure oxygen pumped to the deep layers of the skin, the active ingredients are provided to counteract aging. The process simultaneously cools and soothes the skin. This first step in skin transformation prepares the maximum absorption of rejuvenating serum (second stage) and moisturizes the skin in depth.

2. A rejuvenating serum that contains a special lightweight formula of hyaluronic acid in combination with vitamins and powerful antioxidants follows. Hyaluronic acid induces instantaneous moisturizing of the skin, which manifests itself in visible tightening, smoothing of the wrinkles, improvement of the contour of the face and overall shine. Improvement continues throughout the days following the procedure.

3. Of particular importance is the final stage of therapy, the effectiveness of which is due to special support products. With their help, all layers of the skin obtain nutrients, guaranteeing the durability of excellent results.

Therapy is in 5 varieties:

  1. 1. Rejuvenate - therapy for younger and hydrated skin
    2. Atoxelene - unique lifting therapy
    3. Clarity - Acne Therapy
    4. Opulence - whitening therapy
    5. Intraceuticals + Boosters


Miriam Quevedo

The beginning of the beautiful skin

Five years ago a modern and ambitious Spanish woman created her own brand, which quickly won the sympathy of VIP clients from around the world. Miriam Kevedo inherited the invaluable experience of a cosmetics factory, which has been manufacturing luxury private label cosmetics in Barcelona for 35 years and included active ingredients such as caviar, royal orchid extract, gold, platinum and diamond pollen. Miriam Kevedo offers a range of products without an alternative for professional and home care in the "supreme luxury" category.

Glacial white caviar precious cream - a comprehensive and most advanced anti-aging care

At the heart of this cream are revolutionary protective and anti-aging active ingredients. It hydrates the skin and protects it from the aggressive daily aggressors of the environment by increasing its resistance to aging agents.

Glacial white caviar recovery serum - complete rejuvenating serum with triple antioxidant effect

A powerful combination of multi-protective and detoxifying ingredients that preserve the structure of the skin and the key DNA molecules of the restoration system. Reveals a smoother and radiant skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and flattens the complexion.

Glacial white caviar treatment mist - refreshing and luminous spray with thermal and glowing water

Provides 24-hour hydration, purifies from toxins and strengthens the defense against external aggressors.

Glacial white caviar oxygen masque - the latest triple antioxidant mask that saturates with oxygen, restores and detoxifies

Transforming formula with detoxifying deep-breathing trisulanic factor and innovative desensitizing hexapeptide that stimulates maximum skin tolerance. It soothes the skin and makes it silky soft, thanks to natural ingredients such as white caviar, organic cotton and edelweiss color, organic baobab oil, white clay and a soothing component.


Clearing Ritual with Miriam Quevedo


Glacial white caviar cleanser crème – ultra gentle cleansing cream

At the heart of the formula are organic plant and soothing extracts of the highest quality, such as white caviar, capsular Swiss glazed water and organic baobab oil that help restore the skin's water barrier. Provides comfort, elasticity and velvety softness.

Glacial white caviar toning lotion - a micellar lotion that softens, tones and soothes

A formula that prevents the formation of free radicals and protects against environmental aggressors. Soothes and hydrates thanks to the sophisticated combination of pure natural oils and hyaluronic acid. Accelerates the process of purifying toxins and helps the skin regain the shine from its deepest layers.



Where science and innovation meet the art of beauty


The first cosmetic brand created cosmetics with 56 biologically active substances that are vital to cells. These biological ingredients have been scientifically proven to restore skin to severe burns. Guinot Research Laboratories perfected these technologies and successfully used them in cosmetic skin rejuvenation products.

MG the art of beauty’s services receive high-quality skin care based on years of experience, research and research. For 40 years, Guinot's mission has been to make women beautiful through innovative and exclusive cosmetic rituals.

World-recognized as a standard in cosmetics, Guinot's laboratories are among the ISO 22716 certified manufacturers of cosmetics by the International Certification Office VERITAS. Without parabens, without GMOs and without animal testing.



“With our team of researchers, we have the skills and
experience to make your skin perfect and
every day more beautiful.”

Jean Daniel Monda

Doctor of Pharmacy
General Director of Guinot, Paris