Hair Ceremonies

Hair Ceremonies

High hair is your most strength!

Creativity, innovative products of avant-garde brands, experience and knowledge - these are the ingredients we put in every hairstyle and styling.


Brands & Products


Natural luxury without compromise


Alterna uses key natural ingredients and develops innovative formulations from 1997 that set standards in the luxury hair care industry. Formulated with the most effective key ingredients and patented technologies, including Enzymetherapy ® - a targeted system of enzymes that provides nutrient penetration into Keratin hair and Color Hold® - the highest possible level of color protection from fading and flushing, all products from Alterna are based on the philosophy that for the highest results the content of the products is of utmost importance.

Without sulphates, parabens, gluten, DEA, TEA, phthalates, paraffin, mineral oil, petrolatum and PABA.

Caviar Anti-Aging®

The core of the series is super-charged key ingredients, including the patented Alterna Age Control Complex, which fights the aging process at the cellular level, restores strength, vigor and glow. The result is healthier and youth-looking hair. Each formula fights with the factors that cause aging.

Revitalizing and Hydrating Care

Replenishing Moisture Shampoo – regenerating and moisturizing shampoo

It retains and rebalances the level of hydration while improving the elasticity of dry and fragile hair.

Replenishing Moisture Conditioner – regenerating and moisturizing balm

Permanently seals moisture in the hair and protects from future injuries.


Overnight Hair Rescue – night recovery therapy

Instantly penetrates deeply, restores and revives dry and exhausted hair.

Moisture Hair Masque – moisture mask

Super-intensive moisturizing therapy that restores hydration to dry, depleted hair and visibly improves overall condition.

Styling products and finishing

Caviar Smoothing Hydra-Gelée Nourishing Hair Perfector – smoothing, deep-hydrating gel perfection, 2 in 1 mask and styling

Hydrates hair and gently defines and fixes hair style.

Caviar CC cream – CC 10-in-1 Cream Cream with Light Caviar Extract

The first "CC" cream for complete hair transformation. Unique, one-sided emulsion that makes hair flawless, guaranteeing 10 amazing results in just one formula.

Caviar CC cream – CC Cream 10-in-1 Hair Perfume Extra Large Caviar Extract

10 benefits in one product for flawless hair. A unique formula that shapes hair in a flawless and lasting vision.

Caviar Sheer Dry Shampoo – Multifunctional Dry Shampoo with PerfectDose unique powder spray technology

It does not contain talc and gently absorbs excess fat, accumulated products and impurities.

Caviar Moisture Milk – Hydrating milk with caviar extract

Ultra-moisturizing, non-rinsing milk that fills dry and thirsty hair with abundant hydration, restoring their youthful appearance, softness and smoothness. Adds elasticity to dry hair to reduces the likelihood of fracture.

Caviar Perfect Iron Spray – Caviar Spray for Exceptional Thermal Protection

The thermo-activating spray locks moisture into the hair by preventing it from drying out. It restores the perfect state of hair. Provides the highest levels of thermal protection - up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. Prevents damage by up to 87%.

Caviar Luxe Shape – a luxurious creamy gel that smoothes and gives shine and heat protection

Provides excellent control and smoothing in styling, combined with vibrant emissivity and dazzling shine. Provides exceptional thermal protection.

Rapid Repair Spray – instant recovery spray

Extremely rich in vitamins finishing spray that adds instant, intense shine and elasticity.

Caviar Omega Oil – Omega [+] nourishing oil

Amazing hair therapy with an anti-age complex. It contains a highly concentrated dose of Omega-3 and C22 fatty acids that deeply nourish hair and transforms them completely. Unmatched in the fight with dry and brittle hair. The Omega Olega [+] oil smooths the cuticle, adds intense shine, leaving the hair dazzlingly shiny, smooth and silky soft. Adds elasticity to brittle hair and prevents future damage.

Working Hair Spray – working spray

Super-dry, compressible spray that provides moisture resistance, gives progressive control and light styling. Average fixation.

Extra Hold Hair Spray – a strong fixation spray

Fast-drying spray with ultra-strong fixation that does not stick to hair and does not rust. Suitable for finishing touches.

Perfect care for volume

It thickens and raises fine, thin hair, textures without aggravating. A combination of peptides, polymers and resins creates an extreme and weightless volume.

Bodybuilding Volume Shampoo – shampoo for volume and density

Gentle cleansing shampoo without sulphates and parabens that seals the hair from root to tip. Improves the elasticity and vitality of dry and fragile hair.

Bodybuilding Volume Conditioner – volume and density balm

A paraben-free conditioner that seals hair, improves the level of hydration and prevents future damage.

Styling products

Thick & Full Volume Mousse – Volume Sealing Foam

Highly concentrated foam that delivers volume, texture and control. Fight the visible signs of aging and restore elasticity. It does not aggravate. Proven thickens and strengthens the hair. Provides thermal protection and protects hair from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Caviar Miracle Multiplying Volume Mist – Magic Spray for Exceptional Volume

A multifunctional nourishing spray that regenerates, hydrates and preserves the health of every hair. Provides thermal protection. Protects the hair from the harmful effects of UV rays. Adds 2 times more volume.

Perfect Texture Finishing Spray – Finish Spray for Perfect Texture

Spray for perfect volume and texture. Makes a nice touch to finish. It does not stick. Allows hair to be easily combed. Dusty, does not leave white traces.

Caviar Repair Rx

Innovative hair technology without damage

The first comprehensive hair care line created to combat all the factors causing aging. Formulated with the luxury Caviar & Seasilk® complexes to revive and nourish dry damaged hair. It helps to regain the silk glow. Clinically proven to reduce the visible signs of aging hair.

Caviar Repairx Instant Recovery Shampoo – Recovery Shampoo

Instant regeneration shampoo with proteins that reconstruct the hair. A formula that struggles with all the factors that cause hair aging.

Caviar Repairx Instant Recovery Conditioner – regenerating conditioner

A clinically proven formula that rebuilds and reconstructs hair in multiple directions, making it smoother, softer and brighter.

Caviar Repairx Micro-Bead fill & fix treatment MASQUE- CAVIAR REPAIRx – intensive remedial mask with micro particles

Deep remediation therapy with water-repellent micro particles that release a highly concentrated dose of fiber restructuring protein. It nourishes and strengthens the hair, improves its control and makes it soft again, brilliant and completely restored.

Caviar Repair Rx styling

Caviar Repair Rx Lengthening hair & scalp elixir – hair extension and scalp nourish

Light elixir that prolongs hair, nourishes the scalp, hydrates the lengths, prevents fractures and stretches the hair. Nourishes hair and scalp to maximize the potential hair length. Hydrates, smooths and softens hair.

Caviar Repair Rx Multi-Vitamin Heat Protection Spray – Heat Protection Spray

The ultimate spray is enriched with a cocktail of vitamins A, C, B 6, B 12, E. It restores damaged lengths and prevents future damage. Strengthens the lengths and nourishes them without aggravating the hair. Protects hair to 232 ° C. Increases hair protection from damage by protecting it from hair, hot tools, ultraviolet rays and other external aggressors. Fills the imperfections of the cuticle, strengthens the hair and smooths the lengths. It restores the brilliance and the density of the hair.

Caviar Repair Rx Protein Crème – Intensive Recovery Cream for Stressed and Dehydrated Hair with Powerful Anti-Age Complex

This deep-rearing potion of the latest generation gives the best in the selective class. Formulated with an ultra-high concentration of "reconstructive micro-protein blocks" for complete recovery of lengths and injuries in the cortex and the cuticle layer. Strengthens the hair and stops tearing and flowering. Makes dry, porous, stressed and excessively treated silky soft, nourished, smooth and obedient hair.

Caviar Clinical with caviar and red clover growth complex

A 3-piece system that stimulates the growth of thicker and healthier hair from the inside out. Revolutionary line, specially formulated to take care of thin and fine hair combating the factors causing hair loss. With the products of the line, an incredible volume is achieved, the hair and the scalp are kept in perfect balance and the growth of new, healthy hair is encouraged.

Daily Detoxifying Shampoo - a daily detoxifying shampoo

Daily cleansing care without sulphates to thicken hair while cleaning and protecting the scalp. It reduces the amount of DHT on the scalp and eliminates clogging-inducing chlorine deposits, styling products and mineral deposits, extracting contamination and excess sebum.

Daily Root & Scalp Stimulator - a daily stimulant for scalp and follicles

Super-powerful daily anti-hair loss and hair loss treatment that enhances scalp protection against DHT build-up, excessive sebum build-up and other deposits that are known to cause blockage of the follicles.

Weekly Intensive Boosting Treatment - Weekly Intensive Sealing Therapy

Ultra-powerful weekly scalp treatment designed to provide intense stimulation of the hair and scalp to enhance and enhance the protective effect of the daily scalp and follicle stimulator. Provides an extra level of protection against the build up of DHT on the scalp.

Daily Densifying Foam - daily sealing foam

Light foam, formulated with non-stick polymers, which instantly makes the hair dense and gives extra long-lasting volume. Strengthens the hair, preventing it from breaking. Saves up to 1300 hairs per month.

Caviar Clinical Dandruff Control

The clinical dairy cure for dandruff is specifically designed to meet the needs of sufferers of dandruff and a dry, itchy, irritated scalp. Formulated with salicylic acid, pyrithione zinc and active fruit enzymes, this exclusive line effectively combats the infected, inflamed, scaly scalp, leaving hair soft, shiny and healthy. The active ingredient pyrithione zinc has been clinically proven to have antimycotic and antibacterial action.

Dandruff Control Conditioner – Dandruff Control Conditioner Enriched with Caviar and Zinc Pyrithione

A paraben-free conditioner that restores hydration in the hair and scalp. Rebalances hydration levels by removing scales caused by dandruff. Enables easier hair sharpening.

Exfoliating Scalp Facial – scalp scrub

Active fermentative enzymes remove palate caused by pustules. Creates the foundation for everyday scalp health care.

Caviar Moisture Intense

The Caviar Anti-Aging Moisture Intense is formulated with the latest generation skincare technology that defines the future in the ultra-luxury segment. It cleanses with "good" oils that extract grease and dirt without disturbing the natural moisture barrier of skin and hair. The line is enriched with the deluxe, nutrient-rich absine oil extracted from the Mediterranean and Ethiopia, a rich source of Omega fatty acids. Keeps the hydration locked in the hair, leaving the hair silky soft and shiny without aggravating it.

Caviar Moisture Intense Pre-Shampoo – a revolutionary new step in hair care

Luxury deep moisturizing even the most dry hair weekly therapy. "Program" hair to lock moisture and increase the productivity of your shampoo.

Caviar Moisture Intense Shampoo – intense moisturizing shampoo

Luxurious cleansing hybrid oil that transforms into a cream in the shower. Abyssinic oil cleans contaminants without removing hydration.

Caviar Moisture Intense Conditioner – intensive moisturizing conditioner

This intense balsam hydrates even the driest hair, smooths and softens the lengths.

The Caviar Anti-Aging Infinite Color Hold

The latest Caviar Infinite Color Hold collection combines the benefits of the Caviar line with Age-Control Complex® patented anti-aging complexes and the most powerful UV & Color Hold complexes to protect the color from fading. Alterna's patented technology combines high antioxidant oils - raspberry and sunflower oil extract, which provide the highest natural protection for dyed hair.

Infinite Color Hold Shampoo – Extreme Color Shampoo

Luxury, gentle care, formulated without sulphates, which provides the most powerful UV protection. Prevents color fading and recovers hydration lost during chemical procedures.

Infinite Color Hold Conditioner – an exclusive color shade conditioner

Gentle formula without sulphates, which enriches the hair with powerful antioxidants for exceptional UV protection and Color hold color protection complex. It restores a natural lipid layer of hair and protects the color and hydration. Smooths the skin layer transforming hair into brilliant, vibrant and multi-dimensional color.

Infinite Color Hold Vibrancy Serum – a multifunctional, nourishing double action booster for superior color protection

Revolutionary, highly concentrated double action booster that refreshes, revives color and highlights glow. This multifunctional rejuvenating serum envelops every hair with a weightless, protective UV veil and deeply nourishes.

Infinite Color Hold Topcoat Shine Spray – shine spray with exceptional color protection

Ultra-light formula, extremely important for sealing the cuticle. Locks colored pigments in the hair and provides the most powerful UV protection for long lasting color, multi-dimensional color and shine.


Each product of the chic ecological Bamboo series contains pure eco-certified bamboo extract to instantly increase the intrinsic hair strength and flexibility. Each of the lines is formulated with powerful natural ingredients like candy oil, gooseberry, poppy root and blue yucca root for incredible results.

All Bamboo products do not contain sulphates, soda chloride, parabens, gluten, mineral oil, paraffin, dea, tea, petrolatum and bean.

Bamboo for smoothing


Anti-Frizz Shampoo – Smoothing Shampoo

Gentle cleansing shampoo, free of sulphates and soda chloride, which improves the overall look and feel of hair by leaving it smoother, more vibrant and healthy.

Anti-Frizz Conditioner – Smoothing Conditioner

Rich in nutrients, intense moisture-free, paraben-free and salt-based chloride balsam, which fills the hair with intense hydration, "tame" the fleeing edges, prevents blossoming and electrification.

Masks, styling products and finishes

Kendi Intense Moisture Masque – intensive hydrating mask

Deep-penetrating intense mask that hydrates and nourishes the flying, disobedient and hard ends and turns them into smooth, silky, shiny and obedient. Eliminates the "flying" with the first application.

Kendi Pure Treatment Oil – smoothing bamboo oil with candles

Absorbs immediately to prevent flying, gives intense shine, nourishes with vital nutrients and protects the color from fading.

Bamboо for Men

Power Hold Max Strength Gel – strong fixation gel

This high-gloss gel allows for instantly modeling and fixing the hair, giving shape and density.

Texturizing Wax Style Stick – sealing wax stick

Easy-to-use stick wax that gives a lasting definition, flexible fixation and styled hair with a natural finish.

Bamboo Style

Bamboo Style Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry shampoo bamboo style cleanse extend dry spray shampoo

Natural formula of the highest grade without talc, which gently absorbs grease, does not aggravate hair and does not matt out the luminous colors.

Bamboo Style Freestyle Flexible Control Gel – Bamboo Style Gel with Flexible Fixation

Light, thickening gel with long lasting fixation that provides flexible hair control. The formula does not leave the hair matted or crisp. Does not rush.

Bamboo Style Curl Defining Creme Bamboo Style Cream for super natural curls

Ultra light formula that separates and fixes curls by giving them a super natural look and natural definition, shape and control.

Bamboo Style Re-activating spray – re-activating spray for curls

A light spray that reactivates the curls between the individual washes.

Bamboo Style Ultra Hold Hair Spray – Bamboo Style Spray for ultra-strong fixation

Gives hair long-lasting fixation, making it easy to stylize and manage. With a magical "sealing" hair effect without sticking and clinging hair.



The Science of the 10's Alterna is a compact line of products formulated with the perfect combination of the ten key and most expensive natural ingredients to make hair unprecedentedly perfect.

10 Shampoo

The most luxurious shampoo the industry knows. Does not contain sulphates. Re-balances and hydrates in depth every hair type to achieve perfect results.

10 Conditioner

The most luxurious balm in the world of professional hair cosmetics. Extremely high product concentration gives immediate hydration without causing overheating and aggravation.

10 Masque

Ultra-concentrated cream mask for rejuvenating and instantly restoring every type of hair. Achieves unprecedented results with the first use.



Balmain hair

Higher hair care

As part of the prestigious international fashion house Balmain Paris, Balmain Hair Couture has more than 40 years of experience combining the most important hair items with the latest trends from the fashion podium. Balmain Hair Couture is an internationally oriented professional company and takes the lead in developing and offering a full range of hair care products, styling and extensions.

The products are produced in Europe. All products contain silk and argan.

Luxury haircare Couture

Product line of the most important components for soft, light, shiny and healthy hair. Ingredients, silk protein and argan oil are key to achieving the best results, instant rejuvenation and amazing volume.

Styling Hair couture

Product line of the most important elements for every occasion, creating a high quality fashion finished finish. Ingredients such as silk protein and argan oil are the key to achieving the best product benefits - instant hair rejuvenation and great volume.






Symbol of the highest quality


Born by the same philosophy as skin care, Kevin.Murphy's products are designed to deliver excellent performance, strength and long life of hair in formulas that do not aggravate.

Vitamins and amino acids "repair" the outer surface of the hair, thicken the hair and reduce the formation of splitting edges. Moisturizers of mango oil and mumarum oil in Kevin.Murphy's products smooth the cuticles and soften hair. Peruvian bark, baobab, bamboo and orange color extracts help hydration. The antioxidants of cocoon plum, orchid, lotus flower and desert lime reduce fracture and repair chemical damage.

All Kevin.Murphy hair products are sulfate-free, free of parabens and have not been tested on animals.