You Love To Show Your Nails

You Love To Show Your Nails

The hands are talking. The world listens with more respect when we communicate through our perfectly maintained nails, when we touch with confidence and gesture with determination. Good manicure is a strong ally that MG - the art of beauty never underestimates.

First we apply the foundation with gentle care for the hands and feet, which regains the softness of the skin and awakens its refreshed sensation. And then we start to create. Round, oval, square, stylish or ballerina - each manicure has its own style and individual message.

We brighten them in a variety of colors and high-quality varnishes, pigments and decorations that make nails a fine creation, in a living fantasy, in the final flawless stroke of the overall vision and feminine radiance.


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Kinetics are a small and enthusiastic team that believes the best way to live is by enjoying the colors of life. Coming from northern Europe, Kinetics is inspired by northern aesthetics and its virgin nature.


Pro Nails


Pro Nails is one of the favorite brands for professionals in the field of hand and nail care!